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The Grand Dueling Piano Show is North Americas Premier All-Request Dueling Piano Show, featuring the amazing talents of Sean Sonego, Katie Perman and Spenser Poole.
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The Grand Dueling Piano Show presents you with a world-class performance you won’t forget. Combining the talents of Sean Sonego, Katie Perman and Spenser Poole, the GDP show provides you with a high-octane, all request party. It’s all about fun when they hit the stage together, and a combined 15 years of career experience makes it effortless. You’ll witness dance routines, crowd interaction, kazoos, and non-stop laughter as they play their way through the likes of Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, The Backstreet Boys, Beyoncé, Eminem and pretty well everything else. They bring the entire show to you; 2 piano shells, professional lights and sound. Each show holds something new. Even they won’t know what to expect!


"Katie, Spenser and Sean are absolute professionals in creating a unique and engaging entertainment experience. They performed at our wedding, and let’s just say, we (along with our guests) wanted them to continue to play all night!  Their passion for music is contagious and is apparent throughout their performance. Every second is devoted to ensuring you and your guests are having the most incredibly entertaining time - and they’ll undoubtedly have everyone on their feet the entire time, dancing and singing along.  All three ooze personality and energy, and tailor each performance to your guests. They’re all friendly, cheesy, hilarious, and truly “perform” for (and with) your guests - going above and beyond a regular cover band. They thrive off of requests, and can play/sing pretty much any genre (we’ve seen them many times and we have yet to witness them stumped by a request).They’re extreme professionals, so much so that if they receive a request none of them know (rare!) - one will spend their break learning and rehearsing the song, and then completely kill it (in a good way!) when they return.  With the Grand Dueling Piano Show, you not only guarantee that your event will be a success, but will also be THE memorable event your guests will remember and talk about for a long time. They exceed expectations, and raise the bar for entertainment to its highest level."

   -Jason & Stephen, Married at Parlour Italian Kitchen, Edmonton

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